A strong team, the secret to our success

We get the job done

Since our founding in 2012, we’ve delivered more than 160 projects and counting. That’s a decade of driving innovation that makes construction easy for you. How do we do it? It’s a get-it-done attitude. By learning your needs and pains, we design and build spaces that accomplish your goals while staying within scope. No project is too big or too small for our team.

Single-source accountability

We believe construction projects should start alleviating stress, not cause it. So we take responsibility for everything, insisting on a single point of contact for the duration of a project. The result? A construction process that makes life easy for you. In our cooperative team environment, everyone works together to deliver the facility you need. Even as a general contractor partnering with an outside architect, we’ll manage your project seamlessly by offering frequent progress reports, accountability and accessibility—no matter what.

We save time and money

We re-introduced in Kenya the cost- and time-saving Design-Build method in 2012. To do it right, we immerse our team in your vision. Do you have special financial requirements or limitations? What business goals have you set that we can help you accomplish with our work? Do you have an existing facility or master plan?

Then, we recommend value engineering elements such as recommending design and construction that make the best use of a site’s natural resources, selecting sustainable building materials to ensure peak energy efficiency and low life cycle costs and implementing construction delivery methods other firms can’t or won’t consider.

There are always opportunities to save time and money while still accomplishing your goals. Our team is trained to find them.

Need a second opinion? Let us audit your project. We can apply solutions throughout a complete construction project or at strategic points.

The better team

Any general contracting company knows the success of any project relies on the team. The better the team, the better the job. That’s why we work with the best. We have the partners and relationships to assemble the right team for your project. With seasoned, expert professionals working as project partners, we bring innovation to the construction process to save you time and money.

How can we build the strongest teams time and again? The answer lies in our company values. We believe in working partnerships based on mutual respect, trust and fairness. Our suppliers and subcontractors are paid on time and treated fairly. And we’ve earned an industry-wide reputation as a proven, reliable and honest partner. We’ve been named Contractor of the year and received multiple performance awards. And we’ve honed our project management to efficiently and safely coordinate teams of subcontractors making certain every stage of the build is done right and on time.


We are excited like everyone else about artificial intelligence. However, are yet to find an AI system that can listen, design, procure and build like we do. And, besides, we like thinking, so we do it a lot. And we enjoy challenges and the efforts and sweat necessary to achieve outstanding building, energy, and mobility projects. So, at least for now, we will stick to 100% natural intelligence and human grit.

Awards and recognition

A job well done, a budget met and a schedule streamlined — it’s what we promise and what we deliver in every project. Over the years, making good on that promise has consistently made us a leader and top performer in the construction industry. As a testament of our dedication to quality, we’re proud of the hard-earned awards and recognition we’ve received from peers, professionals, clients and trade organizations.


In recent years, there’s been a major push by many companies to adopt green construction practices, projects and technologies. Building codes continually upgrade green requirements, and energy costs continue to soar for building owners.
Given the demands of today’s facilities and the market trends, green construction solutions present a strong opportunity to capture value and cost savings while positively impacting the earth. If implemented properly, your green initiatives can pay off, not only in environmental impact and sustainable ROI, but also in direct financial ROI, a more livable facility setting and a higher property value. At QUESTWORKS, we’ve completed more than 160 projects nationwide, including a wide variety of sustainable construction projects, and can help you achieve your vision.

Safe construction means a better bottom line

Our extensive, thorough safety practices allow us to deliver our work safely and efficiently. Our proven processes mean no slowdowns, so we can keep your project moving as rapidly as possible. No worries. No headaches. No delays. Safety is just one more way we build smart.