As one of Kenya’s largest solar companies, with over 155MW installed and counting, we’re helping ensure that the next energy to power our dreams will be sustainable.


Every organization follows its own path to decarbonization. We customize the right solutions that work best for your business based on your goals and objectives.


Would you like to proudly meet your decarbonization goals, and showcase your sustainability commitment to your employees, your customers and other key stakeholders?


Managing grid usage and energy costs is crucial to reaching your company’s energy and sustainability goals. Onsite Solar is a site-specific solution that can be custom-tailored to maximize energy benefits; offsetting grid usage while providing meaningful cost savings. What’s more, Onsite Solar is a physical, tangible symbol of your commitment to renewables that is visible to the public.

  • The instantly recognizable solar installation showcases your commitment to renewable energy and meeting your decarbonization goals, making a lasting impression on employees, customers and other key stakeholders.
  • Using solar power to support your business operations helps you reduce emissions and meet your goals.
  • Low-cost solar power can offset and reduce your reliance on the grid, resulting in long-term cost savings.

As an industry-leading renewable energy service provider, we believe in accomplishing the impossible. We are driven to deliver solutions with excellence through collaboration, insight, integrity and certainty.


Questworks Energy is helping provide sustainable solutions to meet evolving energy needs. We develop, construct and maintain power projects to produce electricity. We also offer a variety of energy-related products and services to customers across the country. Equally important, we are dedicated to quality, committed to environmental stewardship and care about our communities.

An energy audit can help reduce your carbon footprint and help save money on your energy bill.

We will inspect and analyze your property and design the optimal solution.

With one of the best track-records on commercial and industrial solar we will deliver a custom system to meet your energy needs.

We will help you take advantage of one of nature’s most powerful yet free resources to power your home: the energy produced by the sun

We offer innovations coupled with world-class cost-effective technology and best practices utility-scale solar.

We strive to be the preferred service provider in the renewable construction industry and create value for each client by delivering solutions that will result in client satisfaction and trust.

Through seeking to discover what barriers may exist to the attainment of their objec­tives, we understand our client’s business and team up with them to fulfill their desires


We've built for the best

600kW grid-tied
First Commercial Solar PPA
121M in savings to date
Locally delivered, June 2014

Various systems
Powering service stations
14+ sites in 2019, 14+ sites 2020, 14+ sites 2021
Locally delivered, starting September 2019


200kW grid-tied
Locally delivered, September 2019


98MW grid-tied
Largest Solar Plant in East Africa
Commissioned 2021
Estimated production 140GWHr/year


200kW grid-tied
Powering the entire factory
Phase 1 (Grid Tied) Phase 2 (Ongoing – Backup)
Locally delivered, January 2022


600kW grid-tied
First Public Sector Solar Project
Locally delivered, Jan 2019


20kWp AC Coupled System
Integration of 4+ power alternatives
Locally delivered, starting September 2018


Various systems
Largest Hybrid System
Integration of 4+ power alternatives
Locally delivered, starting September 2018


55 MW grid-tied
2nd Largest Solar Plant in East Africa
Commissioned 2022
Estimated production 79GWHr/year