Out-of-box solutions are easier when there's no box

We threw away the box. We re-introduced in Kenya the cost- and time-saving Design-Build method in 2012. To do it right, we immerse our team in your vision. Do you have special financial requirements or limitations? What business goals have you set that we can help you accomplish with our work? Do you have an existing facility or master plan?

Then, we recommend value engineering elements such as recommending design and construction that make the best use of a site’s natural resources, selecting sustainable building materials to ensure peak energy efficiency and low life cycle costs and implementing construction delivery methods other firms can’t or won’t consider.


There are always opportunities to save time and money while still accomplishing your goals. Our team is trained to find them.

Need a second opinion? Let us audit your project. We can apply solutions throughout a complete construction project or at strategic points.

We use risk analysis to identify potential issues that could negatively impact your projects. We consider the possibility of adverse events as well as the likelihood that they will occur to guide you in making better decisions.

We have helped developers realize successful projects, and we have developed our own. We can help you plan and execute your development sooner, with better value and with fewer headaches.

We began international direct factory purchasing in 2009, while we were all building Strathmore University. Hundreds of containers and millions of dollars later, we are sure that we can help you save money without sacrificing quality of reliability through our international procurement team.

We know how to build well, and we know how to ensure that the quality of your project is more than skin-deep. It takes technical depth and commitment to you, our client. We have both. We have assured quality for developers building with other contractors, and we can help you too.